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Serie Correlación Geológica Nº 17

Ordovician from the Andes

Edited by: G. L. Albanesi / M. S. Beresi / S. H. Peralta


Indice de contenidos



Biostratigraphy – Stratotypes
Aceñolaza F.G.; Pliomeridius sulcatus Leanza and Baldis, 1975 (Trilobita–Pliomeridae) and the Sepulturas Formation in the Cordillera Oriental of Jujuy, Argentina

Aceñolaza G.F., Aráoz L., Verge M., Tortello M.F. and Nieva S.M.; Paleontology and biostratigraphy of the Lower Ordovician strata cropping out at the Abra de Zenta (Cordillera Oriental, Jujuy and Salta provinces), NW Argentina

Achab A., Asselin E. and Soufiane A.; The Laurentian Ordovician chitinozoan zonation: some modifications and some remaining problems
Albanesi G.L., Carrera M.G., Cañas F.L. and Saltzman M.; The Niquivil Section, Precordillera of San Juan, Argentina, proposed gssp for the Lower/Middle Ordovician boundary
Albanesi G.L., Minjin C. and Undarya J.; Stratigraphically significant early Late Ordovivian conodonts from the Tsagaan Del Formation, Bayankhongor area, Central Mongolia
Bergström S.M.; The Red River problem revisited: stratigraphic relationships in the Upper Ordovician of central and western United States
Brussa E.D., Toro B.A., Mitchell C.E. and Astini R.A.; Biostratigraphic remarks on the Late Ordovician graptolite fauna from the area around Estancia Canota, Precordillera of Mendoza, Argentina
Dronov A.V., Koren T.N., Tolmacheva T.J., Holmer L. and Meidla T.; "Volkhovian" as a name for the third global stage of the Ordovician System
Goldman D.; The Diplacanthograptus caudatus Zone: a proposal for a new, globally recognizable, Upper Ordovician graptolite zone
Gutiérrez–Marco J.C., Bernárdez E., Rábano I., Sarmiento G.N., Sendino M.C., Albani R. and Bagnoli G.; Ordovician on the move: geology and paleontology of the "Túnel Ordovícico del Fabar" (Cantabrian free highway A–8, N Spain)
Gutiérrez–Marco J.C., Yanev S.N., Sachanski V.V., Rábano I., Lakova I., San José Lancha M.A.de, Díaz Martínez E., Boncheva I. and Sarmiento G.N.; New biostratigraphical data from the Ordovician of Bulgaria

Kozlu H., Göncüoglu M.C., Sarmiento G.N. and Göncüoglu Y.; Stratigraphy of the Ordovician rock–units in Turkey: new age data and a paleogeographic review

Lee S.B. and Choi D.K.; Trilobite biostratigraphy and correlation of the Cambrian–Ordovician boundary intervals in Korea

Li J.-, Molyneux S.G., Rubinstein C.V. and Servais T.; Acritarchs from peri–Gondwana at the Lower and Middle Ordovician Stage boundaries

Melchin M.J., Holmden C. and Williams S.H.; Correlation of graptolite biozones, chitinozoan biozones, and carbon isotope curves through the Hirnantian
Moya M.C., Malanca S. and Monteros J.A.; The Cambrian–Tremadocian units of the Santa Victoria Group (northwestern Argentina): a new correlation scheme
Nikitin I.F., Koren’ T.N., Nikitina O.I., Popov L.E. and Zhilkaidarov A.M.; The Lower–Middle Ordovician boundary in Kazakhstan
Peralta S.H., Finney S.C. and Basilici G.; Portezuelo del Tontal Formation (Lower Caradoc),Western Precordillera, San Juan Province: its biostratigraphic and paleogeographic significance
Rubinstein C.V.; Ordovician acritarchs from northwestern Argentina: new insights into the biostratigraphy and paleonvironmental aspects of the Central Andean Basin and Famatina
Sá A.A.; Meireles C., Coke C. and Gutiérrez–Marco J.C.; Reappraisal of the Ordovician stratigraphy and paleontology of Trás-os-Montes (Central–Iberian Zone, NE Portugal)
Saltzman M.R., Bergström S.M., Huff W.D. and Kolata D.R.; Conodont and graptolite biostratigraphy and the Ordovician (Early Chatfieldian, Middle Caradocian) d13C excursion in North America and Baltoscandia: implications for the interpretation of the relations between the Millbrig and Kinnekulle K–bentonites
Sarmiento G.N., Göncüoglu M.C. and Göncüoglu Y.; Early Darriwilian conodonts from the Sobova Formation in the Eastern and western Taurides, Southern Turkey
Stouge S., Boyce W.D., Christiansen J., Harper D.A.T. and Knight I.; The Ordovician succession of North–East Greenland: stratigraphy and significance
Vandenbroucke T., Fortey R.A., Siveter D.J. and Rickards R.B.; Chitinozoans from key sections in the Upper Ordovician Series: new GSSP’s and classical British sections
Wang X., Chen X., Li Z. and Wang C.; The Huanghuachang Section, potential as Global Stratotype for the base of the Middle Ordovician Series
Wang X., Li Z., Chen X. and Wang C.; The conodont succession from the proposed Gssp for the Middle Ordovician base at Huanghuachang Section, Yichang, China
Zeballo F.J., Albanesi G.L., Ortega G. and Tortello F.; Biostratigraphy of Ordovician sequences from Alfarcito area, Tilcara, Eastern Cordillera of Jujuy, Argentina
Zhang Y. and Chen X.; The Early–Middle Ordovician graptolite sequence of the Upper Yangtze region, South China
Abuhmida F. and El Harbi A.; Palynostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental study of Middle and Upper Ordovician sequences in NW Sirt Basin, Libya
Geochronology – K–bentonites
Baldo E.G., Fanning C.M., Rapela C.W., Pankhurst R.J., Casquet C. and Galindo C.; U–Pb shrimp dating of rhyolite volcanism in the Famatinian belt and K–bentonites in the Precordillera
Finney S.C., Gleason J., Gehrels G.E., Peralta S.H. and Vervoort J.D.; U/Pb geochronology of detrital zircons from Upper Ordovician Las Vacas, La Cantera, and Empozada formations, NW Argentina
Huff W.D., Bergström S.M., Kolata D.R., Cingolani C.S., Krekeler M.P. and Prokopenko M.; Ordovician K–bentonites in the Argentine Precordillera and their relation to Laurentian volcanism
Ramos E., Navidad M., Marzo M. and Bolatti N.; Middle Ordovician K–bentonite beds in the Murzuq Basin (Central Libya) 203
Su W., He L., Li Q., Wang Y., Gong S., Zhou H., Liu X., Li Z. and Huang S.; K–bentonite beds near the Ordovician–Silurian boundary on the Yangtze Platform, South China: preliminary study of the stratigraphic and tectonomagmatic significance
Geochemistry – Magmatism
Abre P., Zimmermann U. and Cingolani C.A.; Pavón Formation zircons under scanning electronic microscope: preliminary results on the Ordovician siliciclastics from the San Rafael Block, Mendoza
Grosse P., Bellos L., Baez M., Rossi de Toselli J. and Toselli A.; Ordovician magmatism of the Sierra de Velasco, La Rioja, Argentina
Sardi F.G. and Toselli A.J.; Ordovician mineralizations in the Sistema de Famatina and Sierra de Velasco, northwestern Argentina
Trotter J.A., Eggins S.M., Barnes C.R. and McCulloch M.T.; Conodont geochemistry – proxies for evaluating events and palaeoenvironments of the Ordovician and Early Silurian
Paleontology – Biodiversification
Aceñolaza G.F., Emig C.C. and Gutiérrez–Marco J.C.; Lingulid shell beds from the Ordovician of Argentina, with notes on other peri–Gondwanan occurrences
Benedetto J.L. and Sánchez T.M.; The Ordovician radiation from a Gondwanan perspective: the early diversification of brachiopods and bivalves on mid– to high–latitude siliciclastic platforms
Beresi M.S.; Ordovician calcareous algae, cyanobacteria, and microproblematica from the Precordillera Argentina

Beresi M.S. and Heredia S.; First occurrence of Epiphyton, cyanobacteria from the Middle Ordovician of the Ponón Trehue, Mendoza Province, Argentina

Brabcova Z. and Kraft P.; Study of conulariid and related phosphatic conical exoskeletons from the Prague Basin (Czech Republic) 263
Bruthansova J.; Trilobites of the Klabava Formation (Arenig), Prague Basin, Czech Republic: preliminary report
Bruthansová J. and Budil P.; Exuviation of the Genus Placoparia Hawle and Corda, 1847 (Trilobita, Ordovician, Prague Basin, Czech Republic)
Budil P. and Bruthansova J.; Moulting in the Ordovician dalmanitid and acastid trilobites of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
Carrera M.G. and Cech N.; Taxonomic turnover and community replacement in the Lower Ordovician limestones of the Argentine Precordillera
Di Cunzolo S., Aceñolaza G.F. and Rodríguez Brizuela R.; Cruziana–Skolithos ichnoassociation in the Casa Colorada Formation (Upper Cambrian–Tremadocian), Cordillera Oriental of Jujuy province, NW Argentina
Eriksson M.; Late Ordovician polychaetaspid polychaete annelids from the type Cincinnatian region, USA
Eriksson M. and Leslie S.A.; Microfossils from the upper Sylvan Shale (Late Ordovician), Oklahoma, USA
Finnegan S. and Droser M.L.; Paleoecological significance of the Ibexian–Whiterockian (Lower–Middle Ordovician) boundary in the Great Basin, Western US
González–Gómez C.; Tremadocian microbrachiopods from the southern Montagne Noire (France) and their paleobiogeographical significance
Gubanov A.P. and Bogolepova O.K.; Tremadocian monoplacophoran molluscs from the Pechora Basin of Russia
Kraft P. and Kraft J.; Facies of the Klabava Formation (?Tremadoc – Arenig) and their fossil content (Barrandian area, Czech Republic)

Mángano M.G. and Droser M.; Ecospace utilization and paleoenvironmental expansion during the Ordovician radiation: the ichnologic evidence

Marek J., Bartzsch K., Drost K., Fatka O., Kraft P. and Linnemann U.; Revision of trilobites of the Griffelschiefer Formation (Ordovician, Schwarzburg anticline, Germany): preliminary results

Sprinkle J. and Guensburg T.E.; Major expansion of echinoderms in the early Late Ordovician (Mohawkian, middle Caradoc) and its possible causes

Tortello M.F. and Esteban S.B.; Occurrence of the Early Ordovician Trilobite Jujuyaspis keideli Kobayashi in the Despensa Formation, Aguilar Range, Northwestern Argentina

Tortello M.F. and Peralta S.H.; Trilobites from the Lower Member of the Gualcamayo Formation (Lower Llanvirn) in Cerro La Chilca, Argentine Precordillera: biostratigraphic and paleoecologic implications
Waisfeld B.G. and Astini R.A.; Environmental constraints on faunal patterns: an example in Early Ordovician (Arenig) trilobite assemblages from the Argentine Cordillera Oriental

Zhan R.B. and Rong J.Y.; Preliminary investigation on Early to Middle Ordovician brachiopod biodiversity of South China

Zhou Z.; Notes on the Ordovician trilobite radiation in the South China Block

Sedimentology – Basin Analisys
Aceñolaza G.F., Milana J.P., Heredia S. and Simoes M.; Stratigraphical and biostratigraphical framework of the Angosto de la Quesera conglomerate complex (Cordillera Oriental of Salta): an incised valley system in the Tremadocian of NW Argentina
Antoshkina A.I.; Upper Ordovician succession in the Subpolar Urals

Astini R.A., Dávila F.M., Rapela C.W, Pankhurst R.J. and Fanning C.M.; Ordovician back–arc clastic wedge in the Famatina Ranges: new ages and implications for reconstruction of the proto–Andean Gondwana margin

Astini R.A., Marengo L. and Rubinstein C.V.; The Ordovician stratigraphy of the Sierras Subandinas (Subandean Ranges) in Northwest Argentina and its bearing on an integrated foreland basin model for the Ordovician of the Central Andean Region

Banchig A.L. and Raviolo M.; The Ceratopyge Regressive Event (cre) along the continental edge: description and paleoenvironmental interpretation of the sedimentary sequence in Ojos de Agua locality, Western Precordillera, San Juan, Argentina

Berry W.B.N.; Ashgill crinozoan–bryozoan carbonates in the Carnic Alps: comparison with modern New Zealand shelf carbonates
Buatois L.A., Moya M.C., Mángano M.G. and Malanca S. With contributions from Albanesi G.L. and Ortega G.; Paleoenvironmental and sequence stratigraphic framework of the Cambrian–Ordovician transition in the Angosto del Moreno Area, Northwest Argentina
Chacrone C. and Hamoumi N.; Sedimentary evolution during Ordovician in the western Paleozoic High Atlas (Variscan Morocco)
Egenhoff S.; Review of Ordovician basin evolution in southern Bolivia
Egenhoff S. and Nielsen A.T.; Comparing Early Ordovician sea–level changes in southern Bolivia and Baltica: a siliciclastic shelf versus a carbonate ramp

Herranz Araújo P., Gutiérrez–Marco J.C., Pieren Pidal A.P., Robardet M., San José Lancha M.A., Rábano I. and Sarmiento G.N.; The Ordovician succession from the western Iberian Ranges (NE Spain): a review with new data

Hildebrandt C. and Egenhoff S.O.; Middle to Upper Ordovician evolution of central Bolivia: a facies reevaluation
Lehnert O. and Cooper J.D.; Dynamic evolution of the Late Cambrian – Middle Ordovician rimmed shelf margin of eastern California
Moya M.C., Malanca S., Monteros J.A., Albanesi G.L., Ortega G. and Buatois L.A.; Late Cambrian – Tremadocian faunas and events from Angosto del Moreno Section, Eastern Cordillera, Argentina 439
Nielsen A.T.; Ordovician sea–level changes: potential for global event stratigraphy
Nielsen A.T. and Harper D.A.T.; A Late Ordovician sea–level curve for the Central Oslo Region: implications for Ashgill correlations

Sennikov N.V.; Ordovician events in Altai–Salair–Kuznetsky and Tuva basins and their influence on the sedimentary facies and marine biota (Siberia, Russia)

Trela W.; Sedimentological record of Oxygen–depleted conditions in Upper Ordovician of central Poland (Holy Cross Mts.)
Trela W.; Sedimentary environment of the Ordovician phosphate–bearing sequence in central Poland (Holy Cross Mts.)
Zimmermann U. and Bahlburg H.; The Ordovician Puna Basin (NW Argentina): proposal of a new stratigraphy
Zimmermann U., Bahlburg H. and Esteban S.B.; Depositional history of the Ordovician Famatina Basin (western Gondwana; NW Argentina)
Paleogeography – Provincialism
Barnes C.R., Zhang S. and Pyle L.J.; Interpreting conodont communities, tectonics and eustasy of the Ordovician – Early Silurian Laurentian margins
Bogolepova O.K.; The post–Timanian evolution of the northeastern and eastern margin of Baltica: facies and biogeography –a review
Chacrone C. and Hamoumi N.; The Lower Ordovician in the High Atlas (Morocco): stratonomic analysis and paleogeography
Cocks L.R.M. and Fortey R.A.; Central Asian terranes and biogeography in the Ordovician
Herrmann A.D. and Patzkowsky M.E.; Ocean and climate model results and the Late Ordovician mass extinction
Lee S.M. and Choi D.K.; Early Ordovician paleogeography of the Korean Peninsula
Mitchell C.E., Melchin M.J., Sheets H.D., Chen X. and Fan J.X.; Was the Yangtze Platform a refugium for graptolites during the Hirnantian (Late Ordovician) mass extinction?
Percival I.G. and Glen R.A.; Early Ordovician geography of East Gondwana
Percival I.G., Zhen Y.Y. and Webby B.D.; Early Ordovician conodont distribution from craton to basin and island terranes in East Gondwana
Rapalini A.E. and Cingolani C.A.; Paleomagnetism of the Pavón Formation, San Rafael Block (Argentina): paleolatitude of the Cuyania Terrane in the Late Ordovician
Sansom I.J., Smith M.P. and Donoghue P.J.C.; The distribution of Ostracoderms in the Mid-Ordovician of Laurentia and Gondwana

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