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Miscelánea 14

Actualización de la lista de anfibios del Parque Nacional Pre-Delta, provincia de Entre Ríos

Laura C. Sanchez | Adriana S. Manzano

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AN UPDATE OF THE AMPHIAN LIST OF THE PRE DELTA NATIONAL PARK.- The Pre-Delta National Park (PDNP) located at Diamante Department in southwestern of Entre Ríos, is a wetland area. The knowledge of the amphibians species and (the fauna in general) richness in this park is nearly scarce, despite of the importance in terms of management and conservation strategies for the protected areas. With the purpose to increase our knowledge about the amphibians fauna, several collecting expeditions were made. In the context of the presence-absence data we recorded 9 species more than those previously reported for the park: 5 species of Hylids and 4 species of Leptodactylids. Actually, the amphibians inventory of the PDNP includes 21 species of Anuran, although the complete inventory is not finished yet. We need to continuing sampling, in order to give the baseline for forward studies of the amphibians biodiversity of Pre Delta National Park and its management for conservation.

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