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Miscelánea 14

Detección satelital y descripción de patrones de vegetación en islas del Paraná medio.

Zuleica Marchetti | Pablo G. Aceñolaza

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SATELLITE DETECTION AND DESCRIPTION OF VEGETATION PATTERNS IN MIDDLE PARANA RIVER ISLANDS. Vegetation distribution in floodplain islands is defines mainly by its‘ topographic pattern, consequently its flooding pattern and regime. “El Chapetón” is a group of characteristics islands of Middle Paraná River floodplain, and was selected for this study. The main objective of this work is to detect and describe vegetation units using remote sensing. The classification of the image allows us to establish 7 land cover classes, 4 of them correspond to vegetation units. Area of each unit was calculated. The analysis of floristic data shows us higher heterogeneity than what was observed in the digital analysis. Eight units were described: “old simple forest”, “young simple forest”, “mixed forest”, “lagoon vegetation”, “canutillar-cataizal community”, “madrejones community”, “Intermediate environments vegetation” and “grassland”. It was observed that there is a partial correspondence between the units detected by spectral classification and those obtained during field work this could be explained due to the different scale of work.

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