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Miscelánea 12

Platyhelminthes de vida libre – Microturbellaria – dulceacuícolas en Argentina.

Carolina Noreña | Susana E. Damborenea | Francisco Brusa | Florencio Gilberto Aceñolaza

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PLATYHELMINTHES OF FREE LIFE - MICROTURBELLARIA - OF FRESHWATER OF ARGENTINA. The systematic of the freeliving Plathelminthes of South America is relatively unknown. Marcus has carried out the most exhaustive studies in Brazil during the forty and fifty years. Most of the Microturbellarians species reported for South America (excluded Tricladida) are found in marine or brackish habitats and 90 species approximately are known for freshwater environments. The Microturbellarians are characterized as ubiquitous and depredators of crustaceans and insect larvae. They are also specific regarding the substrate and the environmental conditions. Many symbiotic species are also found in the freshwater environment of South America, the genera Temnocephala and Didymorchis (Temnocephalida).In this work the well-known Microturbellarians species of Argentina are listed, as well as those that possibly appear inside the national territory in later studies.

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