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Serie Correlación Geológica Nº 16

Aspects of the Ordovician
System in Argentina.

Edited by: F. G. Aceñolaza


Indice de contenidos


Aspects of the Ordovician System in Argentina. ACEÑOLAZA, F.C.
The Caradoc siliciclastic sequence ofthe Pavon Formation, San Rafael block, Mendoza, Argentina. CINGOLANI, C.A.; ABRE, P. AND MANASSERO.
The Early Ordovician in the Sistema de Famatina: Stratigraphic and geotectonic framework. ESTEBAN, S.B.
The Upper Ordovician graptolite faunas of the Cuyania Terrane: Their biostratigraphic and paleogeographic significance in the western margin of Gondwana. PERALTA, S. AND FINNEY, S.
Sponge fauna and spicule assemblages from the Ordovician of Argentina: a review. BERESI, M.S. AND ESTEBAN, S.B.
The Ordovician brachiopod faunas of Argentina: Chronology and biostratigraphic succession. BENEDETTO, J.L.
Ordovician Nautiloids of Argentina. ACEÑOLAZA, F.G. AND BERESI, M.S.
Ordovician Echinoderms of Argentina. ACEÑOLAZA, G.F. AND GUTIERREZ-MARCO, J.C.
Trilobites from the base of the Ordovician System in northwestern Argentina. TORTELLO, M.F., ESTEBAN, S.B. AND ACEÑOLAZA, G.F.;
Advances on conodont-graptolite biostratigraphy of the Ordovician System of Argentina. ALBANESI, G.L. AND ORTEGA, G.
Upper Llanvirn - Lower Caradoc conodont biostratigraphy, southern Mendoza, Argentina. HEREDIA, S.
Ordovician trace fossils of Argentina. ACEÑOLAZA, G.F. AND ACEÑOLAZA, F.G.
Ordovician Bivalvia and Rostroconchia of Argentina: an updated synthesis. SANCHEZ, T.M.
Ordovician palynomorphs of Argentina: an integrated approach. VERGEL, M., ARAOZ, L. AND RUBINSTEIN, C.
Ordovician metamorphism of the Sierras Pampeanas, Sistema de Famatina and Cordillera Oriental, Northwestern Argentina. ROSSI, J.M., WILLNER, A.P. AND TOSELLI, A.J.
Ordovician magmatism in the Sierras Pampeanas of Córdoba. BONALUMI, A. AND BALDO, E.
Ordovician rocks from La Pampa province, Argentina. TICKYJ, H., LLAMBIAS, E.J. AND MELCHOR, R.N.
Ordovician volcanic activity in the Puna, Argentina. COIRA, B. AND KOUKHARSKY, M.
The Ordovician Basin of Northern Argentina. MOYA, M.C.
The Ordovician System in the Famatina belt: depositional history and tectonic evolution. MÁNGANO, M.G., ASTINI, R.A., BUATOIS, L.A. AND DÁVILA, F.
Ordovician magmatism of the Sierras Pampeanas, Famatina System and Cordillera Oriental, NW Argentina. TOSELLI, A.J., SIAL, A.N. AND ROSSI, J.N.
The Ordovician of the Sierra de San Luis: Famatinian magmatic arc and low to high-grade metamorphism. SATO, A.M., GONZALEZ, P.D. AND LLAMBIAS, E.J..
Ordovician mineralizations in Argentina. SCHALAMUK, I.B. AND DE BARRIO, R.E.

The Ordovician System in Antarctica. PARICA, C.


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