38 años | 1984 - 2022

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Miscelánea 12

Trazas Fósiles en unidades estratigráficas del Neógeno de Entre Ríos

Florencio Gilberto Aceñolaza | Guillermo F. Aceñolaza

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TRACE FOSSILS IN THE NEOGENE STRATIGRAPHICAL UNITS OF ENTRE RIOS. The ichnological features of Neogene formations cropping out in the mesopotamian region is briefly described.

Boring in molluscs shells and marine intertidal trace fossils are highlighted from several carbonates and sandstone levels of the Paraná Formation. Many vertebrates coprolites are also mentioned from the lower beds of the Ituzaingó Formation, whose morphological characters allow to suspect that terrestrial vertebrales of marginal environments were the most probable producers.

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