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Serie Correlación Geológica 37 (2)

Variographic Analysis of the Electrical Structure of South Indian Unsaturated Zone

Tanvi Arora

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The unsaturated zone is extremely important for the estimation of groundwater potential, but at the same time it is a complex medium to characterize, to understand the processes taking place and to quantify the flow through it. Therefore, the problem is addressed through an integrated approach. Although a large number of parameters from various processes play a role in recharge, the present work has been concerned with moisture content and resistivity in a vertical profile measured repeatedly using Neutron Probe and Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography (TLERT), respectively. The time interval has been taken not uniformly, but as a function of the rainfall event. A unique application of Geostatistics has been made to bring the two different types of datasets onto a common platform. The application of geostatistics has also helped to analyses the spatial and temporal variability of these parameters, which helps to understand their contribution and the uncertainty involved.

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