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Miscelánea 12

Vertebrados del Pleistoceno tardío de la cuenca del Arroyo Ensenada (Departamento Diamante, Provincia de Entre Ríos)

Jorge I. Noriega | Alfredo A. Carlini | Eduardo P. Tonni

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VERTEBRATES OF LATER PLEISTOCENE OF THE ARROYO ENSENADA BASIN 8DEPARTAMENTO DIAMANTE, PROVINCIA DE ENTRE RIOS) A list of the vertebrate taxa recorded from the Late Pleistocene Arroyo Feliciano Formation, outcroping at the Ensenada stream of Entre Rios Province (Argentina), is given. Fossil taxa belongs mostly to mammals (35), with only three reptiles and a bird. The fauna of mammals presented herein resembles a typical Lujanian (Late Pleistocene- Early Holocene) assemblage of the Pampean region. However, the low frequence of the Sclerocalyptini and the Doedicurini among the glyptodonts; the differences in size proportions among Lama, Toxodon, and Lestodon; the presence of taxa with Brazilian affinities (e.g. the pampathere Holmesina paulacoutoi, Tapirus, and Pteronura) are interpreted as peculiarities of a biogeopraphic region distinct from the Pampean area.

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