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Cambrian from the southern edge

Edited by: Guillermo F. Aceñolaza and Silvio Peralta

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Foreword- S. Peralta and G. Aceñolaza
An introduction to the geology of Precordillera, Western Argentina. - S. Peralta
Quebrada de Zonda Field Trip: The Cambrian carbonate sequence, litho and biostratigraphic features. Eastern Precordillera, Province of San Juan, Argentina. - S. Peralta
The Cambrian sequence on the type section of the Quebrada de La Flecha (Southern extreme of the Argentine Eastern Precordillera) A. L. Banchig and M. M. Raviolo
Cerro La Silla Field Trip: Cambrian and Lower Ordovician carbonate deposits of the Cerro La Silla Section, northern Precordillera, Province of San Juan. Stratigraphy and faunas (conodonts and trilobites). - S. Peralta
The Cambrian System in Northwest Argentina. - G. Aceñolaza and F. Aceñolaza
Field trip to the Eastern Ranges of Salta and Jujuy - G. Aceñolaza and R. Alonso
The Cambrian-Ordovician siliciclastic sequence from the Tandilia System, Argentina. - D. G. Poiré, L. A. Spalletti and A. del Valle.
El Alisal: a new locality with trace fossils of the Puncoviscana Formation (Late Precambrian-Early Cambrian) in Salta Province .­ G. F. Aceñola.and M. F. Tortello
Trilobites and intercontinental tie points in the Upper Cambrian of Scandinavia.-P.Ahlberg
Evidences for relative sea-level fall, evaporite deposition and weathering of the source area across the Ovetian-Marianian transition (Lower Cambrian) in the northern Iberian Peninsula.­J.J Alvaro, M.M. Blanc-Valieron and E. Vennin.
Paleogeography and paleoenvironment sedimentary record of the Cambrian continental wedge of the Precordillera. - LA. Banchig
Cambrian sponge spicules of the Argentine Precordillera- M.S. Beresi
Review of the Argentine Precordillera Cambrian System.- O. Bordonaro
The Puncoviscana ichnofauna of northwest Argentina: A glimpse into the ecology of the Precambrian-Cambrian transition.- L.A. Buatois, MG. Mángano, F.G. Aceñolaza and S.B. Esteban
Late Lower Cambrian trilobite correlation between Spain and Jordan. M. E. Dies, R Gozalo and E. Liñán
Hydrothermal vent biota in Basal Cambrian black shales of the Yangtze Platform in China and their bearing on the so-called "Cambrian Explosion" of Metazoa. - B-D. Erdtmann and M Steiner
Sedimentary processes in the Cambrian-Ordovician mudrocks of Famatina Range, Northwestern Argentina.- S.B. Esteban
Lower and Middle Cambrian trace fossils from the Láncara and Oville formations in the area of Presa del Porma (Cantabrian Zone, northern Spain).­J.A. Gámez Vintaned, E. Mayoradand R Gozalo
The lowermost Cambrian in the Valdelacasa Antieline (Central Spain): Some new paleontological data - J. A. Gámez Vintaned, T. Palacios D. Fernández Remolar and E. Liñán
The demosponge Leptomitus cf. L. lineatus, first occurrence from the Middle Cambrian of Spain (Murero Formation, Iberian Chains).­D. García-Bellido Capdevila
The Cambrian in Israel and Jordan - the feather edge of the Mediterranean Realrn.- G. Geyer
Equinodermos del Cámbrico Español. D. Gil Cid and P. Domínguez Alonso
The first ocurrence of the genus Tonkinella Mansuy, 1916 in the Spanish Middle Cambrian.- R Gozalo, E. Mayoral, J. A. Gámez Vintaned and Ma. E. Dies
Lepopyge armata and associated trilobites from the Machari Formation (Middle to Late Cambrian) of Korea and their stratigraphic significance: a preliminary study- P. Hong, J.G. Lee, and D.K, Choi
Ichnology, sedimentary dynamics, and sequence stratigraphy of the Mesón Group: A Cambrian macrotidal shallow-marine depositional system im northwest Argentina.- MG. Mángano and L. A. Buatois
Biochronology of Cambrian phytoplankton.- M Moczdlowska
New stratigraphic section to define the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in Eastem Cordillera, Northwest Argentina..- M.C. Moya and G.L. Albanesi
Acritarch biostratigraphy of the Lower-Middle Cambrian boundary in the Iberian Peninsula- T. Palacios
A New Chronostratigraphic Subdivision of Cambrian for China.- S. Peng
Stratigraphic and structural features of the Cambrian deposits at the Pedernal Range, Eastem Precordillera, San Juan Province, Argentina.- S.H. Peralta, GA. Gómez, and A.L. Cardinali.
The Cambrian-Ordovician in the Tandilia System, Argentina: sedimentary facies, trace fossils, paleoenvironments and sequence stratigraphy- D.G. Poiré, L.A. Spalletti and A. del Valle
The Early Ordovician trilobite genus Jujuyaspis in Australia.- J.H. Shergold
Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy of Carbonate Sequences and the Precambrian-Cambrian transition in NW Argentina.- A. N. Sial, V.P. Ferreira, A.J. Toselli, F. G. Aceñolaza, R. Alonso and M. A. Parada
An uppermost Cambrian trilobite fauna from the Yongwol Group, Taebaeksan Basin, Korea- J. W. Sohn, D.H. Kim and D.K Choi
Upper Cambrian trilobite faunas and biostratigraphy at Kakeled on Kinnekulle, Västergötland, Sweden.- F. Terfelt
Biostratigraphic significante of the Uppermost Cámbrian-Lowest Ordovician agnostoid trilobites from northwestern Argentina: a review- M. F. Tortello northern Iran- R. Wrona and B. Hamdi
Middle Cambrian Hadimopanella from Mila Formation in the Alborz Mountains, northen Iran
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